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Upperside, a smart investment a stone's throw from downtown

Investing in Upperside

Upperside offers a privileged location in the residential district of Weimershof, close to numerous international offices and European institutions.

Our studios can be rented to people working in the international offices in Kirchberg, while our apartments are ideal for expatriates who want to discover the Luxembourg lifestyle.

Ideal location

Growth potential

Upperside offers much more than just real estate investment: it's a lifestyle in its own right. Nestled in the residential district of Weimershof, Upperside enjoys a privileged location in one of Luxembourg's most sought-after neighborhoods. The scarcity of high-end real estate in Luxembourg makes Upperside a unique opportunity for investors.

Coveted properties
Superior quality
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An ideal location in Kirchberg

Upperside offers a prime location in the residential district of Weimershof, south-east of Kirchberg. It's a privileged location, with easy access to major transport routes and to Luxembourg city center.

Coveted properties in Luxembourg

The supply of high-quality real estate in Luxembourg is limited, which makes high-end apartments like those at Upperside even more attractive to investors. Indeed, the scarcity of real estate creates a unique opportunity for owners to own a prestigious property in an in-demand real estate market.

Potential for added value

Luxembourg's real estate market is trending upwards, offering long-term capital appreciation potential for property investors. Upscale apartments such as those at Upperside can offer substantial growth in value over time. Investing in Upperside can therefore be considered a safe and profitable long-term investment.
Upperside rooftop Luembourg

Superior quality of life

Luxembourg is a dynamic city, with a wide variety of restaurants, shops, sports centers and parks. Upperside apartments offer superior quality of life with upscale amenities and proximity to all these conveniences. Owners can enjoy a lifestyle that is both luxurious and convenient, while remaining close to everything they need.
Upperside rooftop Luembourg

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